Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use Missoula Food Bank & Community Center?

    • ANYONE! There are no income limits or requirements to shop in our store, so anyone who needs an emergency supply of food is welcome through our doors.
  • I need an emergency supply of food. What do I need to bring with me to shop?

    • Nothing! When you come in, we will ask you to fill out a short intake form. Be sure to double check our hours here, before you head down to our store!
  • Where does Missoula Food Bank & Community Center get their food from?

    • While thousands of pounds of food are donated each year, MFB&CC purchases a large portion of the food for our store using the generous monetary donations we receive throughout the year. We also partner with a number of local grocery stores and restaurants who donate fresh produce, bakery, deli, and meat items. Learn more about our Grocery Rescue and Food Circle Partners here.
  • Do you accept produce donations?

    • Absolutely! We happily accept any store-bought or homegrown fresh produce donations for our store. If your summer crop yielded more than expected, we’d love to put those donations out in our store!
  • Do you accept expired donations?

    • YES! Per the Health Department, we can accept and stock canned goods up to 2 years past their expiration date. For dry goods, we can accept and stock these items up to 1 year past their expiration date. Also, all donated items must be unopened and in their original packaging. If you have more questions on donating food, take a look at our Most Needed Items page.
  • Can you accept home-canned goods?

    • Sadly, no. Health Department Regulations do not allow us to stock home-canned goods, as it is difficult to verify the contents, sterility, and freshness of goods canned at home.
  • I’m planning a food drive. What items do you need most?

  • I hear you have moved! Where are you located?

    • We moved into our new home in May 2017 to a brand-new facility at 1720 Wyoming Street (near Westside Lanes Bowling Alley & down the street from Home Resource).
  • I’m very interested in volunteering with you. How do I sign up?

    • We are always looking for new volunteers or groups of volunteers to help in our store and programs! Click here to learn more about our Volunteer Program! Or, come into our store to pick up an application.


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