Aaron Brock

Aaron Brock

Executive Director

Passionate about: Family, Community, Social Justice, Relationships, Development, Fly-Fishing

Hidden Talent: I’m pretty decent with a Frisbee.

Favorite Food: I’m a happy omnivore. I tend to really like food. My favorite is probably anything Mexican. Wrap a tortilla around a random food product, and I’m pretty stoked.


Kelli Hess

Kelli Hess

Program Operations Director

When I retire I want to be: A librarian, a crossing guard, a park ranger, a school secretary,  a preschool teacher, a lunch lady, a goat farmer & a fly fishing guide.

Relaxations: Reading, all Children, Baking Quiches & Pies, Hands in the Dirt

Favorite Foods: Decaf Lattes & All things Mexican

406.549.0543, ext. 102


Jessica Allred

Jessica Allred

Director of Development and Advocacy

Fave Five: Rivers.  Syntax.  Pencils – the kind you sharpen.  Wit. Saturday mornings. 

Things I say: [Insert adjective] as day.  I’m not gonna lie…  Certainly.  My kid also has 50 nicknames, all of which are food related. 

Favorite Food: All about Fall food.  Soup.  Macaroni and cheese.  Potato anything.  Tamales.

406.549.0543, ext. 103


Jamie Breidenbach

Jamie Breidenbach

Program Services Coordinator

Hobbies: Outdoor adventures, horseback riding, river fun, skiing, soccer

Favorite Foods: BBQ peaches w/ caramel praline ice cream, pizza and mac and cheese (not all in one meal)

The Long and the Short: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”  -Vivian Greene

406.549.0543, ext. 110


Mo Grumbly

Mo Grumbly

Store Services Coordinator

Skills: Patience. Listening. Kindness.

Passions: Adventuring in the mountains, deep powder turns, photography, helping others

Favorite foods: Steak, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with rainbow sprinkles

406.549.0543, ext. 107


Caitlyn Taix

Caitlyn Taix

Volunteer Coordinator

Pleasures: Live music, nature time, travel, used vinyl, culture, earth tones

Values: Kindness, contemplation, adventure, service, peace, compassion, family

Favorite Foods: Every vegetable, especially broccoli and artichokes, pretzels, and all the cheese.

406.549.0543, ext. 107


Gregg Asciutto

Gregg Asciutto

Warehouse Manager

Skills: Talking

Passionate about: Making people smile.

Favorite Foods: Gnocchi and London Broil

406.549.0543, ext. 106


Kelsey Olson

Kelsey Olson

Events & Marketing Coordinator

Focus: Learning new skills, sharing knowledge with others, community, traveling, refinishing furniture, History (anything World War II related).

Foundation: Family, friends, swimming, teaching Jazzercise, laughing, living.

Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese. Or Grilled Cheese … maybe just cheese.

406.549.0543, ext. 105


Bob Christian

Bob Christian

Driver & Operations Assistant

Likes:  Music, History, Classic Rock N Roll; Jingles [a lost art], working with people, laughing and making people smile; service to others.  Working at Missoula Food Bank has been the most rewarding job of my life.

Favorite Quote:  “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Favorite Foods: BBQ with beans & coleslaw



Paula Raines

Paula Raines

Office Manager

Nuts & Bolts: Office wrangling of all kinds.

Fundamentals: Gardening, books, movies, sci-fi/fantasy.

Depth: Family, friends, my animals, food.

Favorite Food: Summer – ratatouille, Winter – Soup of any kind.

406.549.0543, ext. 100