Do you really want to know?

By Christine Littig, Community Organizing Manager

Christine Littig has joined the MFB&CC team as our Community Organizing Manager. In her work to connect with and more deeply engage families who are walking through our doors in solutions based work, she holds a weekly interviewing shift in the Store. Our interviewers spend a brief moment with our customers, connecting to resources, making sure folks understand our process, and many times, there is an opportunity to connect with someone on a human level in the midst of crisis, as Christine reflects here:

“Hi! Welcome! I am Christine. Here. Have a seat.”

Molly sat down and let out a deep, heavy sigh. Hair was a stunning auburn red, smile forced, exhaustion present with eyes bloodshot.

“You doing okay today?”

Molly looks up. “Do you really want to know?”

“Yes”, I say. And, I mean it. I remember how revitalizing it was to share with anyone who would listen when my girls were sick; when I was working full time and dinner still was not near to being on the table.

Molly proceeds to share the bursts of crisis that have rocked her life over the last few months. At the end of the list, “I am so sorry for dumping all that on you…I feel so much better.”

Yes. So do I.

Every few minutes, people in the interview booths are given the opportunity to smile, laugh, share stories and find common ground. I cherish these minutes. I cherish these connections.

Watch this video to see our local food bank in action. 

Donate today to our 34th Annual Holiday Drive to help our local food bank raise $250,000 and 55,000 lbs of food. Click here to donate online or donate in person at 1720 Wyoming Street.


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