Electronics Recycling

Unfortunately, the electronics Recycling Fundraiser has been canceled at this time. We hope to reschedule for this Spring.

Fundraiser for Missoula Food Bank & Community Center

Responsibly recycle your old electronics while supporting our local Food Bank!

Drop off your old, used, or broken electronics at Blackfoot Communications to be safely recycled or refurbished during this two day event, thanks to the team at Technology Asset Recovery & Recycling.

All items eligible to be refurbished will be resold, with proceeds to benefit our local Food Bank.

TAR&R adheres to strict DOD (Department of Defense) Destruction Standards on all equipment received that has any type of memory.

Please wear a mask when dropping off items.

Accepted Electronics

• Servers/Computers
• Phones/Home & Cell
• Power Supplies
• Printers/Copiers/Scanners
• AC Adaptors
• Projectors
• Router/Hubs/Switches
• Proprietary electronics
• Remote Controls
• Laptops Keyboards
• Computer Mouse
• Fax Machines
• All-in-one Game Consoles
• Wireless Devices
• Batteries of all Kinds
• Amps/Generators
• Wires/Cables
• Cameras/Video Cameras
• Loose Ram/Processors/Boards
• Handheld Games
• Flat Screen TVs

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