This post is brought to you by our Volunteer Coordinator, KRYSTIN GEHRICH.

KG: Silas, I think you are one of our youngest volunteers! What got you interested in volunteering at Missoula Food Bank?

IMG_1038SS: My grandma and I, she said, “I want to do something after school with you. Do you want to do Humane Society or Food Bank?” And I said Food Bank. I just like helping people; I think it’s really great to do that. I’ve never done this before but I like it a lot. So we signed up and every Monday we come in and do produce.

KG: What is your favorite fruit or vegetable to stock in the produce section? Why do you like it so much?

SS: I really like lettuce. Because what I usually do, I just stack it up neatly. It’s just my favorite. I just love to do it.

KG: Who is your favorite person to see when you come here?

SS: Darrell, probably. He’s super fun and outgoing.

KG: What is the most fun thing about being at Missoula Food Bank?

SS: I like the snack table.

KG: What is your favorite snack on the snack table?

SS: Sometimes they have cinnamon rolls.

KG: Do you spend time with your grandma doing other fun things?

SS: Yeah, I have a playdate with my friend every Monday and Wednesday, and that’s really fun, and after this we usually go to Bernice’s.

KG: If you could tell the kids in your class anything about the Food Bank, what would it be?

SS: It’s really, really fun. You should try it. I think you would like it, if you like helping people.

KG: What’s your favorite holiday? Why?

SS: I like Halloween and Christmas. But if I could choose one, I’d choose Christmas.

KG: What’s your favorite Halloween costume that you’ve ever been or ever seen?

SS: This year I was guy with a staff and a cloak and a top hat and a face that was always smiling and it had makeup on it, and it was really creepy. It was like sinister, pretty much.

KG: Have you watched the Star Wars movie?

SS: Yeah. It was great! It was amazing!

KG: What was the coolest moment?

SS: I liked it when the storm trooper (but he’s good now) Finn, he went up to a storm trooper and the storm trooper, he took this thing out of his pocket and he flicked it and it was like this huge giant gun with a sword on one end, it was super cool!

KG: Who is your favorite superhero?

SS: He’s not really from the Avengers, but he’s called Deadpool. He’s like a way cooler version of Spiderman.

KG: If you could choose any superpower what would it be?

SS: Shapeshifting.

KG: What would you shape into?

SS: Anything. Everything I wanted to. If I could be specific, maybe a bird. Like a falcon or something.

KG: If you won the lottery, what would you do with all the money?

SS: Hide it around town and make a scavenger hunt. And then keep some for myself and spend it on video games.

KG: What makes you laugh?

SS: Random stuff, like everything that’s super random.

KG: What do you want to be when you grow up?

SS: A rockstar, an artist, and a video game designer.

KG: If you were elected President of the United States tomorrow, what’s the first thing you would do?

SS: Chocolate covered hot dogs.

KG: What are you really good at?

SS: Soccer!

KG: What position do you play?

SS: All of them.

Animal: It’s extinct. It’s called a dire wolf.
Color: Green orange and purple.
Thing to do with friends: play soccer, and just mess around.

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