In food banking, there are two basic models: box-model and choice-model.

The Difference A Food Drive MakesFor more than 30 years, our local food bank has been grateful to provide a choice-model experience to all those in our community who struggle with hunger. So what is the difference?

Instead of being handed a box of food when our neighbors come to Missoula Food Bank, every family is given a “shopping” card. Organized by how many people are in the house, families are able to select quantities of food from our shelves. For example, a family of six will get more food than a family of three. And because of food drives, if my little boy prefers green beans to corn, I get to make that choice for my family. If my aging mother lives with hypertension, I can select low-sodium products. Our food bank is set up like a typical grocery store without the registers, keeping our process as familiar as possible, helping to maintain dignity and afford the respect that every person in our community deserves.

So when you donate a can of soup or a bottle of salad dressing, you are helping families to make choices that are most helpful in their own kitchens. Thank you for keeping a variety of nutritious foods on the shelves of Missoula Food Bank.

Learn more about organizing your own food drive here.

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