We lead the movement to end hunger through advocacy, volunteerism and healthy food for all.  We nourish community.


Missoula Food Bank & Community Center envisions a community that embraces food justice, where:

  • everyone is food secure;
  • those most impacted are a leading voice in the solutions to poverty and hunger;
  • no one feels shame or experiences stigma when asking for help;
  • every child is nourished and has an equal opportunity to learn, grow and succeed;
  • every senior has access to the food they need to age with dignity regardless of mobility, transportation or health barriers;
  • social safety net programs are recognized as part of the solution;
  • everyone can afford their basic needs


  • We respect and treat every person with dignity, empathy and equity.
  • We believe that access to nutritious food is a basic right of every person.
  • We respect the concept of customer choice in the selection of available food.
  • We provide compassionate service that is proactive, innovative, and collaborative.
  • We are excellent stewards of our resources.
  • We act with openness, integrity and accountability.
  • We advocate for solutions to hunger.


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