Our local food bank has a new home!  After a year of construction, our new facility at 1720 Wyoming Street is complete, and as of Tuesday, May 30th at 10 am, we are open for services here.

It has been a long road, and we appreciate every person in this community who has contributed at public meetings, through our capital campaign, as a volunteer, and as patient customers; this relocation was a massive community endeavor, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Tours of the space will be led Monday-Friday, June 19th-23rd from 1-2pm each day.  All are welcome to come see this amazing community center. Thank you, Missoula.

April 2016

  • Our Ground Breaking Ceremony was held at the new location on April 30th
  • April 30th marked the beginning of our Community Campaign to help raise the last $500,000 needed to help build our future home.

 January 2016

  • Brownsfield cleanup work with Bjorn Johnson Construction was completed within the month
  • Tom Javins of Flow Engineers was retained as Commissioning Agent

December 2015

  • Brownsfield Grant received final approval from Missoula City Council
  • Contract signed with Bjorn Johnson Construction to do Brownfields cleanup work
  • Management Staff met with Missoula Redevelopment Agency regarding a SpectrUM-Missoula Food Bank partnership
  • Our Capital Campaign crossed the $2 Million Mark

November 2015

  • Brownsfield RFP (Request for Proposal) made public
  • Brownsfield bids opened
  • Our Capital Campaign crossed the halfway mark ($1.6 Million)

October 2015

  • Missoula Food Bank kicks off Capital Campaign
  • Missoula Fire Department practiced “escape drills” in the dilapidated buildings at 207 N. Catlin
  • Our Capital Campaign reached the $1 Million mark

RenderingSeptember 2015

  • Architectural renderings for Schematic Design Phase completed
  • Capital Campaign marketing materials created & printed


August 2015

  • Design work for the new building begins with Encompass v2 and Jackson Contracting Group
  • Brownsfield Committee reviews and approves Missoula Food Bank’s application for cleanup funding

August 26, 2015

The City of Missoula has approved a grant request for $100,000 for environmental clean-up of our site. These funds will be used to remove asbestos from standing structures as well as to remove surface soil contamination present on the site. Funding from the City will allow Missoula Food Bank to clean this property to residential standards.

June 26, 2015

Community Design meeting is held at City Council Chambers, facilitated by encompass v.2. 20 attendees offered input to the design, function and overall neighbourhood presence of Missoula Food Bank at the Catlin site. Neighbour concerns included lighting. This is the final design meeting, concluding a series of targeted meetings that included board, staff, volunteers and clients.

May 28, 2015

Our Food Bank closed on the property at 207 N. Catlin Street. This is an important milestone for our organization and community.

Spring 2015

  • Scott Johnson of Cost Management Services hired as Owners Representative
  • Encompass v2 hired as Architectural Firm
  • Jackson Contractor Group hired as General Contractor
  • Territorial Landworks, Inc. hired as Civil Engineering Firm
  • TetraTech hired as GeoTech Firm

April 24, 2015

Missoula Food Bank has issued a public Request for Qualifications for architectural services regarding the design of our future building.  Missoula Food Bank will be pursuing a Modified Design Build process for the design and construction of the building.  Responses are due at Missoula Food Bank by end of business Friday, May 8th.  See RFQ here.

March 2015

Missoula Food Bank was awarded a Targeted Brownfields Assessment grant from EPA to conduct a Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessment on the Wyoming/Catlin site.  Samples for those assessments were taken the week of March 2nd, and a completed report is expected in the last weeks of April, 2015.  If all goes to plan, Missoula Food Bank will complete the purchase of the property in May, 2015.

February 20, 2015

Public meeting was held with 31 community members about the identification of the site at 207 N. Catlin Street. Facilitated by MMW Architects, community members offered their input and ideas about the site and the Food Bank as a community resource. Feedback was resoundingly positive. Concerns to consider include adequate parking and impact on neighbourhood traffic.

February 5, 2015

Missoula Food Bank is pleased to announce that a best-fit site has been identified for the future home of our community’s food bank!  Located on the corner of Wyoming and Catlin Streets (207 N. Catlin), this former salvage yard and auto-repair site has been selected from a list of more than 30 properties which have been explored over the past eighteen months by Missoula Food Bank’s Building Task Force and Board of Directors.

July, 2013

Missoula Food Bank Board of Directors announce via Guest Editorial that the organization will be seeking a location for a new home. Public input is invited to help us find a best-fit new site for our community’s local food bank.

If you would like more information or have questions, please contact Aaron Brock, Executive Director at 406-549-0543, ext. 101.


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